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Johannesburg > Activities > Wildlife Conservation Foundations

Wildlife Conservation Foundations

Wildlife Conservation Foundations
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All over earth, animals and their habitats are being threatened. Most people do not realize the issue or that they are the cause of the problem. Wildlife Conservation Foundations/ Trusts are important because it opens the eyes of many which actually help in the long term with stopping extinction of animals, help authority capture/ stop poachers & correct human errors that may cause harm.

Wildlife Conservation Foundations and Trusts evaluate all necessary factors that threaten animals & their habitats, all the research that’s done is brought to the attention of people all over the world by hosting activities so that anybody can take part for the purpose of assistance, to learn more & have fun at the same time.

Some Major Issues:

All types of pollution – air, water and soil pollution – have an impact on the living environment. The effects in living organisms may range from mild discomfort to serious diseases such as cancer to physical deformities; Example: extra or missing limbs in frogs. Experts admit that pollution effects are quite often underestimated and that more research is needed to understand the connections between pollution and its effects on all life forms.

Poaching is the illegal hunting, fishing or eating of wild plants or animals contrary to local and international conservation and wildlife management laws. Violations of hunting laws and regulations are normally punishable by law and, collectively, such violations are known as poaching.

New building developments also cause issues as land filled with wildlife is taken over causing animals to move out of their habitats & the killing of ecosystems.

Wildlife Conservation Foundations/ Trusts put so much effort into helping our animals & yet they are still undermined by those who have other interests, whether it may be personal luxury or business related. The beauty of our earth will only survive if we stand up & say “I want to help” as we are the reason why animals are being killed to make money which in future may even cause extinction.


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