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The SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary

The SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary

Since the inception of our trust in 2000 we have undertaken to respond to wild animals in need; irrespective of their species importance. We have promised to be there, whenever and wherever they need us, but to keep this promise in 2011 we need your help to offer a 2nd chance and provide a permanent home to those unfortunate creatures that have suffered as a result of mankind's domination of the planet.

As humans we take more and more for ourselves and as our populations explode we drive more and more wild animals from their homes. The habitat on which animals depend for their very survival is being destroyed every day.

To safeguard rescued wild animals it has become crucially important that more people will share SanWild's dream of providing a safe sanctuary for life for thousands of wild animals that know no other home. If we cannot provide this safe sanctuary the thousands of wild animals that depend on us will simply perish and could potentially end up being killed by trophy hunters.

As wild animals are mercilessly persecuted by hunters, and poachers; or are driven from their natural home ranges by property developers, miners, industrial development, agricultural activities, rapid urbanization and the effects of global warming the calls for help for wild animals increase daily.

You are their only hope. With your help and support we can at least save some of them some of the time. We obviously realize that it will not be possible for us to save all of them all of the time, but positive action breeds positive hope.

For now this is all we need to ensure the safety and survival of thousands of animals already rescued by SanWild. Without land wild animals cannot be saved and more and more of them will be threatened by extinction, but with your help, we can stop the tide of extinction and habitat destruction - even if only on the land under our protection.

What is the point in working to eradicate animal cruelty if injured, orphaned, traumatized or misplaced animals cannot find a new, safe home. A place where they can once again learn to trust and not fear mankind and a place they can call home?

The SanWild Wildlife Trust receives no governmental support. Our work depends totally on the financial support of generous members of the public that is integral to our efforts to save individual wild animals in critical need of help.

Our Conservation Certificate Campaign is a great (and very easy) opportunity to show your commitment to animal welfare, rescue and rehabilitation, wildlife preservation, habitat protection and conservation.

By joining our efforts to provide a safe, natural habitat sanctuary for life you will also be offsetting your own carbon footprint and do your bit to meet the imminent threats of global warming. The thousands of trees and plants protected inside the reserve from destruction will continue to do their bit to fight the effects of global warming.

Please purchase a yearly conservation certificate for only $150.00 and become the RightKind for WildKind. Should you choose you can also purchase a certificate over a period of 12 months at $12.50 per month.

Your stunning conservation certificate is being designed by one of South Africa's leading advertising agencies BBDO in Cape Town and will be mailed to you after receipt of your payment.

Thank you for caring and we urge you to motivate your friends, family and business associates to purchase their own conservation certificates today and do their bit for the environment and wildlife. Please engage as many committed individuals as possible as SanWild needs to sell at least 3000 a.s.a.p. to make our project viable!

SanWild welcomes visitors and accommodation is provided in two stylish private bush camps in the heart of the 6000 hectare reserve where the Big Five can be found.

Savannah Bush Camp can accommodate up to ten people in beautiful chalets under thatch. All chalets are equipped with DSTV (satellite television) and en-suite bathrooms. Here you will be spoilt and your every whim will be catered for by your hosts. Sip a cocktail at our intimate pub at night whilst listening to the lions roar. You may even spot an elusive leopard visiting the lit up waterhole.

Bukisa luxury tented safari Camp is nestled below Spitzkop and in the main territory of the SanWild elephants that visit the waterhole below the camp on a regular basis. From the plunge pool on the deck you will also be able to view a number of other species as they frequent the waterhole. Accommodation is offered on a self-catering basis. The camp has electricity is fully equipped for up to 8 people. Each safari-tent is en-suite.

Snared Lion Rescue

As private land owners and parks in South Africa continue to fight a desperate battle against the increasing number of steel wire and cable snares that is set indiscriminately to supply a growing bush meat, muti and commercial trade, a large male lion found himself on the receiving end of this cruel practice last Friday in Limpopo Province.

The lion in his prime and in top physical condition most probably came from Letaba Ranch (that borders the world famous Kruger National Park) where perimeter fences are in a shocking state.

A call for help from a member of the public was received around 09h00 am on Friday morning by the SanWild Wildlife Trust’s emergency wild animal rescue centre that is based in Gravelotte. A worker had come across a snared lion while on his way to work.

The team arrived on the scene within 30 minutes and found a beautiful male lion lying in the road servitude next to an old Bonnox fence. A cable snare had been set in an opening below the fence and the lion was caught by his front right foot when trying to pass under the fence.

The lion had put up quite a fight to rid himself of the snare, was totally exhausted and lay helplessly awaiting his fate. However as the rescue team arrived and moved in to dart the unfortunate creature, he lifted his head and sat up to face the approaching people. Blood dripped from his open mouth and the team's fears were that the lion had eaten away his front paw as so many other wild predators had done in the past to free themselves.

To see such a magnificent animal helpless and in obvious pain remains an upsetting part of the team's work. After 5 minutes the lion was sound asleep and the remaining members of the team moved in to remove the cable snare that had pulled tightly against three of the lions toes. Fortunately, besides some minor bite wounds to the paw; no real damage that would result in a permanent disability rendering the lion unsuited for release back to the wild was done.

However on closer inspection it was found that two of the lions canines had been badly broken as it chewed into the cable snare to free himself. There were numerous cuts inside the mouth caused by the cable. Fortunately these minor injuries could easily be sorted by anti-biotics that would be administered to also prevent any possible infection in the root canals of the broken canines.

The lion was taken to a place of safety pending surgery next week by a specialized dental veterinary surgeon from the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute that will remove the lions root canals and repair the broken canines after which he will be returned to the wild at a suitable location.

Yearly Conservation Certificate: Anual Once Off Fee
Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Yearly Conservation Certificate: Monthly Fee
The amount stipulated is payable over the period of 12 months from the date of purchase and is subject to change without prior notice.
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