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Johannesburg > Activities > Go Clubbing

Go Clubbing

Go Clubbing
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Yeah, yeah, yeah, the music in your room is pumping and boy are you in the mood to go out! Take over that dance floor, or if not a dance floor then at least a small corner of the room with your extravagant, explosive gyrations. Thatís right you crazy animal you, you want to let rip, let it all hang out, experience freedom a moment of wreckless abandonment where you can express yourself and all your super cool idiosyncrasies and crazy-ass dance moves!

Thatís what you want and sometimes that is all thatís needed, a couple of crazy swirls around some clubs floor and something inside you is cured, or maybe you just less wanton, either way the effect is definitely positive. As you can see I definitely advocate this kind of unwinding. Whatís great about this is that the night life in Johannesburg is ever present, known as the party capital of South Africa you cant go to far wrong. There are clubs all over town, live music and DJs who spin house, techno, trance and jungle. Some venues are intimate, while others are enormous warehouse-type structures that pack in the masses all night long.

There are virgin nightspots springing up all the time so you might even want to invest in a local clubbing guide. This of course depending on how often you going to be getting that ĎI need to let my hair down feelingí.

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