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Johannesburg > Activities > Go boating on the Vaal Dam

Go Boating On The Vaal Dam

Go boating on the Vaal Dam
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Johannesburg. Címon, even if you havenít been to Johannesburg youíve heard about it, the hustling bustling city, the city that never sleeps, this and all the rest. You see, the problem is as much as people love living the life of a city slicker they also love getting away from that city every now and again into a more tranquil surrounding, where they can relax and unwind. This is where and why the Vaal meander was born. Itís just an hour south of Johannesburg. It was born to bring the public out of the Ďchaosí and into Ďpeaceí. Great for a day trip or for those who would prefer, a longer trip where you investigate Country hideaways, quaint Country inns, craft factories, outdoor adventureís, animals ,sporting facilities as well as loads of others.

What I wanted to mention as it is specifically cleansing is the boating. You know what Iím talking about, that whole the wind in your hair, Great food. The leisurely pace of the boat gives time to think, haha, meditate if you will. Just be, and sometimes thatís the greatest thing to do. Cruise up the Vaal River or the Vaal Dam. The element of choice. Go on a boat cruise while gorging yourself with a delicious, well deserved lunch or diner. You will be able to hire boating and sports equipment. Bookings are important to make sure that the trip is successful and enjoyable. Which, I have no doubt it will be

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