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Johannesburg > Activities > Take in a cocktail at an upmarket bar

Take In A Cocktail At An Upmarket Bar

Take in a cocktail at an upmarket bar
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You’ve been running around doing all the necessary sight seeing all day. You’re a little tired, and feeling a little indulgent. How about getting dressed up going somewhere swanky and unwinding with a cocktail you say to your friend. She agrees that it’s a great idea. Sometimes it is just enjoyable to dress up and go check out what all the ‘yuppies’ and ‘financially elite’ are up too, you know what I’m talking about, don’t play dumb, sitting side by side with the ‘coolies’ sucking on some great Mediterranean concoction.

You want to find a vibrant young bar, someplace you know will start off a little slow giving you time to suss out the scene and establish yourself among the clientele but then just as you reach the comfort zone [ who knows how many cocktails later depending on your threshold] the place starts bustling, you are now in the mood and chatting away like a social debutante. I see good things coming. Just take precaution, no hangovers allowed. So don’t drink too excessively, and yes, I do understand that you are on holiday- but believe me, you’ll thank me later. Enjoy, have lots of fun either, create or move over and onwards to a dance floor later in order to really break it down. But while sipping on your cocktail enjoy the chilled track in the background, and remember why you came, for fun and unwinding, a little glimpse into the glam if you will.

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