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There is an element of the adventurer, the wild card, the stunt man in all of us, I'm going to make a generalization now and say that most of these ‘wild cards’, ‘crazy cards’ are men, but I know that there are a great share of woman out there who too like to feel like they are being naughty, get the adrenalin pumping, all the endorphins going crazy and feel the air sharply grazing their cheeks as they speed round a race track.

They will however never feel this sharp air I speak of as you must wear ‘armor’ to protect yourself or rather, you must take the necessary safety precautions. That’s right, you get to don a helmet and super cool biker gear. You know you want too, don’t be shy now. We’ve all seen easy rider, the open road [or track in this case] the competitive nature able to make a showing. These are good times. Get in that crazy colorful vehicle and zoom away, out in the sun and feeling free.

You’ll have an audience of onlookers [very possibly friends and family] cheering you on. Bust out your moves, show the driving skills you’ve been tucking away for special occasions such as these. Bring them to the fore. Think a friendly competitive road rage. Be safe and courteous at all times. Enjoy.

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