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Johannesburg > Activities > Spend time at Constitution Hill

Spend Time At Constitution Hill

Spend time at Constitution Hill
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South Africa’s story is a tragic, yet fascinating one; millions of foreigners descend on these shores each year eager to know more about the country’s history and to experience the Rainbow Nation as a truly democratic state. The perfect place to embrace the Republic’s new-found status and to explore its monumental fight against Apartheid is Constitutional Hill, situated in the vibrant and electric city of Johannesburg – also the country’s commercial hub.

Constitutional Hill has been witness to the many epic adventures South Africa has been subjected to over the last century. This national heritage sight has borne testimony to the struggles between British soldiers and the Boers, the dramatic uprisings of the Soweto youths, and finally the breaking of Apartheid’s shackles and a dawn of a free South Africa. Constitutional Hill is Johannesburg’s former notorious Old Fort Prison Complex, which detained and brutally punished many activists who fought against the rigid Apartheid Regime, including legendary figures such as those of Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

South Africa’s new and elegant Constitutional Court is also based at Constitutional Hill and stands proudly over the once embarrassing and undignified prison complex and marks South Africa’s brave and ultimately triumphant battle to end segregation. There are daily tours available, which is an interactive and educational experience, while the Constitutional Court urges visitors to learn more about the struggles of the country and even watch the 11 justices in action from the public gallery. Spending time at Constitutional Hill promises to be an awe-inspiring occasion which will leave you with a deep appreciation for a nation’s fighting spirit.

Where: Constitution Hill, Johannesburg.

Telephone: +27 (0)11 381-3100

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