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Johannesburg > Activities > Hike to the historical sites in Melville Koppies

Hike To The Historical Sites In Melville Koppies

Hike to the historical sites in Melville Koppies
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Escape the city and hike to the top of Melville Koppies to see one of the oldest rocks on earth, Greenstone, which is estimated to be 3 000-million years old. Originally part of the farm Braamfontein IR.53, this piece of land was bought by the City Council after its owner, Frans Geldenhuys, died in 1934. This was an area of little interest until 1947 when Councilor HMJ van Rensburg started to campaign for the proclamation of the eastern part of the Koppies as a nature reserve and now it generates interest among locals and tourists. There are more historical sites to experience while ascending this hill and guided walks take place on the first four Sundays every month.

The footpath through nature explores a variety of plants, birds, small mammals and snakes and all this is 5km from the centre of Johannesburg. While exploring the 60 hectares of nature reserve and 100 hectares of hiking, you will be able to see 200 bird species, small mammals, 50 varieties of grasses, shrubs and spring flowers and trees endemic to the area. This park contains 80% of the plant species on the Witwatersrand and 30 are edible, 113 have medicinal properties and 35 are used in magic rituals so it also a magic forest for hikers. The Stone Age Camp has artefacts dating back 50 000 years as well as an Iron Age Furnace that was uncovered in 1963. Small wonder that Melville Koppies has been declared a National Monument!

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