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Liquid Edge Technical Diving

Liquid Edge Technical Diving

Liquid Edge Technical Diving is the only training facility that can offer you ANY technical course from either NAUI or a TDI/SDI or IANTD in either Afrikaans or English. If it is Trimix, Cave or Wreck diving you are interested in, then drop us a line. The brain child of Gerhard du Preez and Verna van Schaik (current world record holder), Liquid Edge Technical Diving is focused on providing quality technical diving training and equipment at prices that are both reasonable and affordable.

As divers, our experience covers both open circuit and re-breather's which means you get experienced training in both areas. Our school is based in Gauteng (Northcliff) and our shop at Calypso (on Beyers Naude). We understand that diving needs to fit into your schedule, so our technical diving courses accommodate both part time and full time schedules. We try and make use of local dive spots such as Miracle and Bass to optimise your time and budget and naturally we love diving at weekend dive spots such as Wondergat and Badgat.

We do not intend to compete on price (although we strive to make sure our services are affordable and competitively priced), believing that our competitive edge is a combination of our flexibility and ability to teach and dive. Our passion is technical diving, If it is deep (trimix of course) or in caves or wrecks we are there and with one world record to our credit, we have the experience and know how to ensure you have the right skills to do your own exploring. So come choose a new set of limits and start to explore the world of technical diving.


So, you want to start tek diving ? Where do you start ?


Prices are approximate and not final and whilst accurate as at Dec 2007, may be based on exchange rates or other factors beyond our control



Whilst you can start your courses with a single tank, you will either need to move to a twin set or obtain a new H-valve pillar valve, to allow you two dv's. Twin sets are pricy and obtaining the right cylinders is difficult. A single cylinder with oxygen clean pillar valve will set you back around 2k and the bands anywhere from 2k (this is for imported, stainless steel bands)

BC :

You will need to move from a standard jacket bc, to a wing and backplate configuration. Prices of these range from +/- R2500k (FROG) to (OMS). There are a number of features you need to consider and whilst we love diving with brands like OMS and DiveRite, we also highly recommend the FROG products. They offer everything you need in a technical buoyancy system at a price that is totally affordable.

DV's :

Your dv is your life and this is where we do not recommend you cut your budget. For us, there is only one technical dv, the Scubapro Mk5 first stage with either the S600 or X650 second stage (around 6k for the first and second stages). You will need at least TWO good dv's as a technical diver. And at least one stage dv...where we highly recommend FROG). You will also need a long hose.

Mixed Gas Computer:

If you are moving to technical diving you will probably need to upgrade your computer to multi gas, helium compatible. Which means you are looking at a VR3. These are not as pricy as you might think. Check out Diver Warehouse (www.diverwarehouse.co.uk) and go to the Delta P pages. A basic, black and white nitrox that can be converted to trimix with a simple pin (extra) should cost around R10 to 12k (landed cost).

Stage Cylinders:

Yes, you can start without one or rent, but sooner or later you will want your own. You will need neutral aluminum cylinders...and the price, anywhere from 2k and up depending on the brand and your source.

Torches / Lights:

If you are going to do an overhead course (cave, wreck) you will need one primary torch (canister type) and two back up lights. Primary lights start at R6k (Sartek, 10W HID, car rechargeable, rated to 300 m) and up.


We have an entire section dedicated to the courses and because we offer both TDI and IANTD it can be overwhelming. In summary you will need at least 50 dives and an Advanced Open Water certificate and a Nitrox certificate. We do offer Nitrox, but not the standard open water courses. You first will need to do a combined deep and advanced nitrox. From there you can choose, either the helium route with Normoxic followed by trimix and or the cave courses, where you can start at cavern, then proceed to intro cave and final full cave...or start at intro or even start at full cave.


There is one skill that you will need to have mastered...your buoyancy. Everyone who comes on a tek course thinks they have their buoyancy perfected...until we ask them to descend and do a circuit at EXACTLY 20 meters, not 18 meters, not 22 meters, but 20 meters. Then we ask them to ascend and stop at exactly 10 meters. And stay there for two minutes. Not at 9m or 12 me, but 10m.

Now....do you have your buoyancy under control ? No worries if you don't! But then again, do you want to spend your course time perfecting this basic, or do you want to spend your course time learning kewl new things?


Welcome to the courses overview. This section of the website is designed to explain each agencies courses and allow you to choose a path, agency and course. Liquid Edge Technical Diving offers the full range of courses from TDI, IANTD and now NAUI.

Courses are designed to create individual mastery of skills in a progressive manner. It is difficult to represent these courses in a 2 dimensional space such as the web, so please, drop us a mail or phone us to find out more about the courses. Please feel free to use our How to Select a Course option.

All the agencies (TDI, IANTD, NAUI) take into account previous diving experience, so you just because you started with IANTD does not mean that you have to do every course within that agency. We can advise what the optimal route is through the courses that gives you the best training at the best price (with the best materials).

WHERE: In the wonderful suburb of Northcliff, Johannesburg
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